Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 26

Week 4

Yesterday I had my blood drawn done and I'll go to the dermatologist on Friday morning.  Fingers crossed that my bloodwork will be good and that I'll be able to continue on my dermatologist's dosage plan.  I'm also going to visit my regular doctor just to follow up and also do an iron test if that wasn't already included yesterday's bloodwork. 

I've been experiencing quite a bit of hair loss, which is why I want to get my iron levels checked.  I've had problems in the past with low iron causing me to lose a lot of strands so I'm hoping that's all that's going on here and that it's not a scary side effect (I've heard about major hair loss on accutane! yikes).  My hair is super dry and my scalp is still itchy though it does seem more manageable now that I'm washing it every other day instead of daily. 

My face is still breaking out but overall it feels much less inflamed.  I think it's still just purging so I'll let it do it's thing.  It's very dry and flaky, but that's the point, right?  I hope month 2 will bring on lots of healing! :)

Still working on choosing some healthy makeups.  I miss the coverage of my old makeup, but I love that my face can breathe now without it!  And I'm finding that usually, for the most part, I don't really care that it's not covering....because I know I'm healing!

I'm having a hard time curbing my caffeine intake....I need to slow that down.  I thought giving up wine and beer would be hard but it's the coffee that I don't want to do without! :P

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