Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 23

Week 4

Well my skin is definitely purging. It is breaking out quite a bit more. The cluster of bumps on my right cheek has finally started to heal but now the other cheek is breaking out. I have lots of little blackheads and clogged pores trying to push that junk out. Gross. So....I guess this stuff is working....

My face is very dry. I need to look into something to very gently exfoliate the flakiness. I'm keeping lanolin slathered on my lips as they continue to dry out so I can hopefully prevent any cracking.

Two days ago I had a horrendous headache with severe fatigue. I ended up taking a nap and getting rid of the headache but this fatigue has been hanging around. I'm sure the heat and humidity aren't helping.

Still opting for mineral powder only for makeup...I really think it's going to help speed the healing process to stop using the heavy liquid stuff. But it just doesn't cover as well...but I can't worry about that.

Some days I feel like I need an IV to get enough fluids... Monday morning I have bloodwork followed by my dermatologist appt on Friday. Can't believe I'm almost at 1 month.

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