Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 19

Week 3

Healing has slowed the last couple of days and I've had some new bumps pop up above my lip and on my jawline (which was starting to heal so nicely). 

I've had several bumps on my cheek that have been taking a long time to heal and they finally started scabbing over.  After washing my face last night, several bumps started bleeding and were very raw.  My makeup is so much harder to take off now that my skin is dry and everything is just sticking to those dead skin cells.  So using a wash cloth is necessary but makes it hard to avoid rubbing off scabs.  I dabbed a little neosporin on these spots last night.  They still look pretty rough this morning.

So it looks like finding a gentler makeup is really important now.  I can't scrub every night without doing damage.  I'm used to needing something for oily skin and usually those makeups are already formulated for acne prone skin.  Now I need something for dry skin, but I have to be careful that they won't cause breakouts!

Scalp is itchy again today.  My elbows are a peely mess. 

I know that this is all just part of the process so I'm not going to dwell on a little back pedaling.  Still kinda sucks though!

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