Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 8

I spoke too soon yesterday when I said my lips hadn't started drying out...definitely started feeling/seeing that last night.  But the lanolin is really nice. 

Face is still much much less oily.  So is my hair!  Not seeing any flakiness on my face but my scalp is a bit itchy.

My throat is constantly very slightly sore.  I think it's just the dryness. 

The eczema rashes are much better now that I'm moisturizing frequently.  I got this more natural cream at Whole Foods and it's helped more than the hydrocortisone I was using on my hand: Florasone


  1. I just started a week before you did but was having severe fatigue, nausea. I think I was dehydrated so I am drinking more water and taking it every other day and noticing good effects. Now that my side effects have improved, i am going to try again to take it every day. Taking Clarvaris 40 mg daily also and I have the capsules, so they couldn't decrease my dose. However, 2 weeks into to, getting a cyst again on my chin and it hurts. Trying not to touch it as my brother's wedding is in 2 weeks. How are you feeling today?

  2. Hello! Sorry to hear you are having some difficult side effects! I have found that water helps tremendously. Yesterday was the first day I felt fatigue, though I'm not sure if I can attribute it to the drug. A lot of people do have an initial breakout before they start improving, so perhaps that's what you're experiencing. Just be patient, gentle with your skin, and remain positive! :)

  3. Thanks. I am going to follow your blog. Woke up and my skin is looking better everyday. Just hate taking this medication. I am super sensitive to any drug so not surprised at my side effects. Btw my name is Maria. I am 36 and had bad acne as a teen but these past two years have really been awful in getting cysts like every month. I used to pick at them until I finally learned it just messes up my face.

  4. Good luck, Maria! I know how you feel, being an adult with acne! Argh! Please check in and I hope you find my experiences helpful. :)