Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 7

A few things to report as I approach the one week mark! 

On Day 3, I developed a rash on one hand that was very tiny little blisters.  I thought at first it was poison ivy, but then began to see other itchy spots arise on other areas of my body, though my hand and elbows are the only spot that there are actual raised bumps.  Yesterday, a red rash was showing up in more places, with a very large portion of my lower back/hip area and on the backs of my legs.  My arms are a bit splotchy as well and the same rash that is on my hands is popping up on my elbows.  Sometimes it itches and other times it doesn't bother me.  After reading about other's side effects on this medicine and talking to the dermatologist this morning on the phone, it seems that this is a very common ezcema reaction to Accutane.  Even though my skin doesn't feel very dry yet, the dermatologist believes that intense moisturizing will help.  If it gets worse, I can go in and get a steroid cream, though I'd like to avoid that if possible.  I was very surprised to see such a quick reaction to this medicine, especially because my skin did not yet feel dry.  But this is nothing I can't handle!

This morning was the first morning I woke up and my face did not feel oily!  That was a good feeling.  My face also seems to feel smoother and I am still seeing some of the cystic acne along my jawline (which has been there for months!) reducing in size and clearing up.  Feeling very positive so far about this working well on my acne. 

I'm still working on my skin care routine and I'll be happy once I get settled in to something that works well.  I really like using the lanolin on my lips and I really haven't experienced dry lips yet. 

My eyes are starting to dry but I hope I can squeeze in a little more time with my contacts!  I did receive my Maui Jim prescription sunglasses in the mail, so I'll be all ready to switch over to my glasses when it's time!

I stay EXTREMELY thirsty all the time and I've greatly increased my water intake.  My appetite has decreased but that could be due to drinking more water and feeling fuller, although I've heard of this side effect from others too. 

Overall, feeling pretty good about it all, especially now that I have a more clear answer about this rash. 

One week DOWN! :)

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