Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 21

Week 3

I took pictures this morning and compared them to Day 1. I am quite disappointed! I felt like I was seeing more improvement than what it really looks like. I do have that big cluster of breakouts on my right cheek, but otherwise things were feeling better, including healing of some of the cystic stuff on my jawline. The pictures don't say that though.

I guess overall, my skin is smoother and some longterm cystic acne has healed.  My face is red, which it always has been, but that's also a side effect of accutane.  I haven't experienced a massive initial breakout so that's a really positive thing to keep in mind. 

I am starting to wear mineral foundation only instead of the longwear liquid stuff.  It doesn't cover nearly as well but my face feels much happier being able to breathe... and it doesn't slide off now that I have zero oil.  Waiting on some samples of new natural-ingredient stuff that I hope will cover a little better but is still quite light. 

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