Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is it!  Tonight I took my last two Accutane pills!  So thrilled to be completing this phase of my journey!  I feel confident that I will no longer be incessantly plagued by this issue and I'm looking forward to complete healing as my scarring continues to fade. The hyperpigmentation and scarring is significant but I do believe the majority will fade with time. 

To summarize my time on Accutane, for those who may benefit from the information I've shared about my experience:
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Here is what I was dealing with back in the very beginning on Day 1, July 6, 2012:

AND here is ME this morning, January 9, 2013!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beginning of Month 6 Progress Pics

I'm working on my FINAL MONTH of Accutane!  I'm very very pleased with the results and I think I will continue to improve. I have not experienced anything new as far as side effects go.  I still struggle some with insomnia and my lips are definitely worse for wear.  Lanolin for lips is the best though.  Otherwise, I'm feeling good and feeling GREAT sans acne!  I still occaisonally have a small breakout and there is plenty of hyperpigmentation and redness, but it's nothing nothing nothing compared to what I dealt with before. 

Below are pictures from the beginning of Month 6.  I will update again once it's all said and done!
For reference:
End of Month 4 Pictures
Month 3 Pictures

End of Month 5/Beginning of Final Month:


Friday, November 30, 2012

End of Month 4 Progress Pics

My skin has been doing so great that I haven't felt like dwelling and posting on here lately!  That's a very good thing :) 

Today I had my LAST dermatologist appointment! I'm wrapping up Month 5 and I begin Month 6 pills in about a week, and then it will all be over! 

I did have several breakouts at the beginning of Month 4, but they healed fairly quick and since then I've only had two or three active bumps. I do have a small active bump right now, and boy does it stand out when the rest of my face is so clear! 

Side effects are minimal at this point.  I have had some problems with insomnia that is likely accutane related, but my skin has tolerated this drug surprisingly well.  Still ready to have my old self back, sans acne!

These pics are at the end of Month 4.  After I completely finish Month 5, I'll post some more pics.  This hyperpigmentation should fade with time - most everything is not true scarring.  If you'd like a reference to what things looked like before, check out these posts:
Month 3 Pics
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Month 3 Recap & Pictures

Month 3 was my best yet! 

  • Breakouts really started diminishing.  Only a few actives this month.
  • Did not see much change in the hyperpigmentation. 
  • Face is often very red, but overall quite smooth.
  • Fair amount of clogged pores

Side Effects:
  • Eyes became dry and irritated enough that I've basically stopped wearing contacts and only wear my glasses
  • Inside of my nose extremely dry and raw, sometimes with bleeding.  Using saline spray.
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Insomnia - some long nights awake despite being very tired!
  • Some minor joint pain in my hands/wrists/ankles
  • Cholesterol stabilized at 237
  • Body is not particularly dry
Day 91 - Beginning of Month 4

Somehow I managed to delete the picture of my right side. 
For reference, past pictures:
Day 72

Day 1:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 88

Month 3, Week 12

Last week I had my Dermatologist appt and I'm now just about done with Month 3!  My cholesterol had stabilized this month, only dropping a few points, but not increasing, so that was good news.  Triglycerides were creeping up, though still normal, so I better start being more diligant with my fish oil (I have been slacking the last couple of weeks!)

My skin is breaking out much much less now, which of course is awesome.  I still break out and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation that needs to heal, but my face is pretty smooth and no longer feeling congested. 

My lips are quite dry and my eyes have become Extremely dry, but otherwise my side effects are minimal for now!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 78

Month 3, Week 11

Skin - I do have a few small actives right now and some other spots that are healing, plus one little jerk on my neck. The hyperpigmentation looks like acne to the untrained eye, however my face is soooo much smoother compared to pre-Accutane. I haven't been obsessing as much lately or constantly checking for new bumps.

Side effects - Very dry lips with a big crack in one corner. Fatigue and some joint/back pain and having trouble sleeping. Otherwise, my body doesn't feel dry and my face is manageable if I keep it moisturized. I get headaches and crabby if I don't drink enough water.  My eyes are a lot more dry and I'm often wearing my glasses instead of contacts.  But all in all, I feel pretty stable.

Since I got my haircut I feel like my features are so much more noticeable, which I like, but it makes me want to cover that hyperpigmentation. So yesterday I broke down and switched up my makeup routine to a foundation that covers a lot better. It stayed on all day and definitely hid those marks, but I'm so concerned that my face will go crazy again. Today I'm back to my tinted moisturizer and mineral powder.

Monday is bloodwork and next Thursday is my Derm appt, before heading into Month 4. Here's hoping that my cholesterol has stabilized. I've been better with my eating habits this month, though still not perfect.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 74 & Progress Pictures

I am breaking out significantly less now and the bumps are much smaller...typically whiteheads that aren't too inflamed.  My skin looks and feels pretty smooth, but it's very red (the good ol' accutane "burn").  Lots of hyperpigmentation but I think that will fade in time.  I'm sure some of it already has. 

Still having some back and joint pain.  My lips are very dry and I still have that big crack in one corner of my mouth.  But otherwise, side effects are pretty minimal for now!

Here are my Day 72 progress pics and some older pics for reference.  
Day 57 Progress
And all the way back to Day 1