Thursday, October 11, 2012

Month 3 Recap & Pictures

Month 3 was my best yet! 

  • Breakouts really started diminishing.  Only a few actives this month.
  • Did not see much change in the hyperpigmentation. 
  • Face is often very red, but overall quite smooth.
  • Fair amount of clogged pores

Side Effects:
  • Eyes became dry and irritated enough that I've basically stopped wearing contacts and only wear my glasses
  • Inside of my nose extremely dry and raw, sometimes with bleeding.  Using saline spray.
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Insomnia - some long nights awake despite being very tired!
  • Some minor joint pain in my hands/wrists/ankles
  • Cholesterol stabilized at 237
  • Body is not particularly dry
Day 91 - Beginning of Month 4

Somehow I managed to delete the picture of my right side. 
For reference, past pictures:
Day 72

Day 1:

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