Friday, November 30, 2012

End of Month 4 Progress Pics

My skin has been doing so great that I haven't felt like dwelling and posting on here lately!  That's a very good thing :) 

Today I had my LAST dermatologist appointment! I'm wrapping up Month 5 and I begin Month 6 pills in about a week, and then it will all be over! 

I did have several breakouts at the beginning of Month 4, but they healed fairly quick and since then I've only had two or three active bumps. I do have a small active bump right now, and boy does it stand out when the rest of my face is so clear! 

Side effects are minimal at this point.  I have had some problems with insomnia that is likely accutane related, but my skin has tolerated this drug surprisingly well.  Still ready to have my old self back, sans acne!

These pics are at the end of Month 4.  After I completely finish Month 5, I'll post some more pics.  This hyperpigmentation should fade with time - most everything is not true scarring.  If you'd like a reference to what things looked like before, check out these posts:
Month 3 Pics
Day 1-43 Pics


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