Monday, September 3, 2012

Month 2 Recap

Today is my final day of Month 2!  I've heard from some that Month 3 is the "magic month" so I'm hopeful that I'll see lots of improvement in the coming weeks!

A recap of Month 2 progress and side effects:

  • Skin was improving towards the very end of Month 1 and very beginning of Month 2, but there was a lot of breaking out in Month 2.  Breakouts became less cystic in nature but individual bumps are much larger and go through a scab/peel/bleed cycle while healing.  
  • Finally saw consistent improvement in the very last week of Month 2.  Even though I'm still breaking out, my skin is looking its best going into Month 3.  
Side Effects:

  • Eyes are more dry but still able to wear contacts
  • Lips became much more dry in the second half of this month.  Several cracks in the corners of my mouth and more peeling on my lips.  
  • Inside of my nose has been a lot more dry. Needed to occasionally  use saline spray to combat nose bleeds due to the dryness.  
  • Itchy scalp no longer a problem.  Scalp and hair is still dry, but does not feel flakey and itchy like it did.
  • Body does not feel dry, no rashes, no eczema, etc.  Face very dry but manageable.
  • Felt some agitation/anxiety a few days this month, which may or may not be because of the drug.  
  • Started feeling a little joint pain in my ankles and toes when I first wake up in the mornings.  Last night I felt more joint pain in my wrists, neck, shoulders and back.  Nothing too concerning at this point.  
  • Still experiencing random extreme fatigue but it was less often this month.
  • Cholesterol is elevated to 245.

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