Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 57 and Progress Pictures

Month 2
Week 8

Today was my Dermatologist appointment as I finish up Month 2. She was very pleased with my progress!  I went without any makeup to discuss scarring and hyperpigmentation.  I was elated when she told me that she doesn't think I'll have any permanent scarring!!  Almost all of my post-acne marks are hyperpigmentation and should fade with time (though it can take a while).  Now that I'm seeing more healing, I'll also start seeing less red marks. My cholesterol is still inching up, however, so I'll need to be much more careful with my diet this month.

This week my skin was feeling and looking better.  I saw less breakouts.  My chin and around my mouth are peeling and I'm still nursing the crack in the corner of my mouth.  I really need to STOP touching my face!  I'm bad about checking it for new breakouts or to see if anything has magically healed in the last five minutes...

Side effects are pretty minimal this week.  That can change quickly though, I've found.  

Below are my Day 57 progress pictures.  For reference, here's my last post with progress pics: Progress pics through Day 43

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