Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 45

Month 2
Week 7

I was improving in week 5-6 but the end of week 6 into week 7 has brought on some more breakouts.  They are mostly concentrated on my cheeks.  My jawline is still in pretty good shape, which is where I normally had the most problems.  Still have a few bumps there under the skin that are taking a long time to flatten out, but they aren't inflamed/active.  The active bumps I do have are scabbing over, bleeding, scabbing

Side effects... Still suffering from random fatigue, which is annoying.  My nostrils are extremely dried out and have been bleeding a tiny bit. Saline spray helps.  Some random skin peeling below my nose and on my toes but otherwise my skin is in pretty good shape.  I always wake up dehydrated, and lately I've had some very slight joint pain in my ankles and toes when I wake up.  My lips are in pretty good shape with the exception of a small crack in one corner.

I chopped off my below shoulder length hair to a pixie-style cut. I was losing a lot of strands, it felt like straw, and it looked like a stringy mess.  I kept it up in a ponytail which was boring and unflattering.  I was a little hesitant that such a short cut would accentuate the imperfections (to put it mildly!) in my skin but it's really just the can see my oval face shape and my blue eyes and it's like it takes away from the acne.  I love it!

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