Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 50

Month 2
Week 8

Getting towards the end of two months now and things are still looking and feeling pretty rough.  The number of active breakouts I have at one time has decreased since beginning Accutane, but breakouts are still steadily occuring.  The bumps are not as cystic in nature - they are usually larger whiteheads that take a long time to heal, are much redder and of course go through the peel, scab, bleed cycle before they do heal.  Perhaps non-cystic is a good thing?  Lots of clogged pores too.  And those inactive bumps under my skin on my jaw will just Not Go Away. 

I've started using a little tea tree oil (75% mixed w/ Vit E) to spot treat some of these monster bumps in an effort to reduce the size and pain associated a little more quickly.  Seems to be helping but careful to keep moisturized to avoid drying out too much. 

The red marks/scars I have are incredibly noticeable now that I have less active acne (albeit larger individual bumps)...the marks look like acne to everyone but me.  I hope they all fade with time but I feel like now that I can see them better, some of them are actual scars.  Will show my derm next Friday and see what she thinks. 

Fatigue is still my biggest side effect for right now.  My body actually isn't very dry at all...I often don't even feel the need to moisturize anywhere except my face and hands.  I have a pretty big crack in the corner of my mouth and a small one on the other side (and two zits right beside them - major ouch!) Thirst is ever-present and my water bottle is my best friend. 

Monthly bloodwork will be on Monday 8/27, and Derm appt next Friday 8/31.  Hopefully my cholesterol has stabilized. 

Reeeallly enjoying my super-short manageble hair!

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