Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 78

Month 3, Week 11

Skin - I do have a few small actives right now and some other spots that are healing, plus one little jerk on my neck. The hyperpigmentation looks like acne to the untrained eye, however my face is soooo much smoother compared to pre-Accutane. I haven't been obsessing as much lately or constantly checking for new bumps.

Side effects - Very dry lips with a big crack in one corner. Fatigue and some joint/back pain and having trouble sleeping. Otherwise, my body doesn't feel dry and my face is manageable if I keep it moisturized. I get headaches and crabby if I don't drink enough water.  My eyes are a lot more dry and I'm often wearing my glasses instead of contacts.  But all in all, I feel pretty stable.

Since I got my haircut I feel like my features are so much more noticeable, which I like, but it makes me want to cover that hyperpigmentation. So yesterday I broke down and switched up my makeup routine to a foundation that covers a lot better. It stayed on all day and definitely hid those marks, but I'm so concerned that my face will go crazy again. Today I'm back to my tinted moisturizer and mineral powder.

Monday is bloodwork and next Thursday is my Derm appt, before heading into Month 4. Here's hoping that my cholesterol has stabilized. I've been better with my eating habits this month, though still not perfect.

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